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About a Momo

Even when I was a wee Momo, I was always busy making things out of freebies around the house. Not sure why all the neighborhood girls were all busy playing with dolls, while I was making dinosaurs out of marbles, mud, and twigs!

I am in no way an artist. Honestly, to this day I do not have a sketchbook.

I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas, stumble into the dark living room stubbing my toe right against the piano leg, and jot down what I wanna make tomorrow. This is the center of my “creativity”: a piano and a stack of note pages on my kitchen table, all in the vicinity of my guinea pig cage.

As I work among a box of polymer clay, some odd handmade cards here and there, and even a cross stitch project, I enjoy telling stories of my guinea pigs on a weekly basis over at the Chronicles section of Guinea Lynx Forum.

Friends and loved ones also find my Hello Kitty infatuation and hard-core gaming addiction disturbing. Although several intervention efforts were attempted, I continue to live my odd lifestyle proudly!

I normally sell my creations at our Cavy House guinea pig rescue monthly fundraisers, but I hope my adoption message reaches a wider audience. More than anything else, I enjoy making things that others can enjoy – and of course, it is all for a good cause.

Each and every Momo’s Piggery critter was created in a home kept by hoomans, watched by God, and ruled by guinea pigs.

Please don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die.

Thank you for reading!


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